One of the key words in technology today is security.
Some of the most commonly referred to types of security are computer security and internet security.

Firewall security is on the front line. Combined router-firewalls are commonly deployed by small to medium businesses. These devices provide your connection to the internet but also prevent common attacks on your internal network.

Don’t leave IT security to chance

Many companies use the standard router-firewall supplied by their Internet Service Provider (ISP), or use an off-the-shelf product. Never underestimate the losses incurred by bad IT security.

At KD we only subscribe to the elite IT providers, so as official Sonicwall and Cisco partners we can provide you with the very best in IT security.

Most off-the-shelf products like those supplied by your ISP only prevent the most common of attacks. Sonicwall and Cisco UTM firewalls go a step further. Why not take a look at our Cisco IT security products page and Sonicwall IT security products page for more details.

These devices will actively monitor and scan all incoming and outgoing connections, application aware they can detect and scan the contents of email while continually staying up to date with the latest threats through live updates.

We believe diversity is key, so we also support a number of other vendors such as Netgear, Zyxell, Watchgaurd, etc.

Client protection

Internet security is all well and good, but if the attack comes from within then what?
Removable media has been a way of life for quite some time, but with the flexibility of USB/flash storage it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what came from where.

As Symantec Anti-Virus partners we have the solution for you. With Symantec Endpoint protection you receive protection for your system and files, anti-spam protection for your email along with local firewall related security.


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