Server & Storage

A business is only as successful as the people who manage it. Every organisation needs someone to oversee and manage all activities. The same can be said for computers.

The role of server

A server is a computer which centrally manages and oversees all network users.
A server can manage user accounts, file storage, email, databases, and many more tasks. A client server environment provides peace of mind allowing each computer workstation to concentrate on the tasks , while the server employs data security and backup.

As a Dell Partner we provide you with only the very best the industry has to offer, while tailoring each server to your business’s specific needs.

KD Systems are official Microsoft Partners and install and support an array of Microsoft server software options. Allow Microsoft Windows Server to manage file access, user accounts, and internet access, in addition why not host your own email. With Microsoft Exchange you can be in full control with the most widely used email management software in the world.

One physical server is all you need

As official VMWare partners we provide the very latest in server virtualisation.

The days of having multiple physical servers taking an entire room are in the past.
With VMWare you can host multiple virtual servers on the one physical ‘box’
This has many advantages such as centralised management, advanced networking options, increased throughput.

Our whole lives are on computers

Sometimes regular storage just isn’t enough.

As we eat up those terabytes of data, a server is not always a practical solution for data storage. Network Attached Storage (NAS)  is designed to complement your server by providing another means of sharing data with multiple computers. NAS provides faster and more secure data access along with easier overall administration.

Why not ascend above the physical world of wires and hard-drives and live on the Cloud!
Cloud Computing provides server based activities as a service, rather than a physical product.

Cloud Computing can complement your existing infrastructure by providing services such as data access, file storage and application services.

We work with a number of third-party vendors to provide you with a service to suit your requirements.


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