As technology changes, so does our method of connectivity.

Wireless data communications in the form of mobile computing, has exploded in recent years. From laptops to tablet PC’s to mobile phones, the demand for connectivity to the internet is ever-increasing.

Once upon a time, wireless connectivity was as simple as setting up a basic access point. Unreliable access was experienced and expected. It was once said that Wi-Fi is only designed to complement a wired network, not to replace it. Who knew how much the technology would evolve in such a short period of time and become part of day-to-day living?

With the dawn of iPad and other tablet PC’s, the necessity for fast reliable wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly essential. As the demand grows, so to does the complexity of the IT infrastructure required.

At KD we know wireless well

We understand what the majority do not know, and that is that the installation of wireless does NOT simply involve the placement of a wireless access point in a convenient location. With the demands of technology today, key placement and selection of wireless access point is critical to any successful installation.

The education sector in particular is taking full advantage of all that mobile computing can offer, with the introduction of tablet PC’s for books. Wireless installations then become more complex with iPads in schools, as the rules that govern quality and throughput all change.

Quality and throughput are common concerns, and as a result, most installers will underestimate the careful planning, placement and configuration required for a successful wireless installation.

No two wireless installations are alike

We currently provide a ‘no commitment’ free wireless site survey to carefully assess the coverage location required, and who the client base and purpose for use is. We then produce a quotation of all that is required.

Whether you require indoor office, factory or outdoor public, site-to-site we can offer a cost effective enterprise level solution. As Cisco partners, Cisco are our preferred equipment provider.  We have the access and expertise with wireless installations to provide and install the very latest in the technology leading Aironet range of wireless access points, antenna and wireless controllers.

Call us today on 021 434 6555 or via our contact form, for a free wireless installation consultation and to discuss your requirements with one of our technical sales engineers.


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